SMSB adopted a modular designs concept where our customers can choose from a basic system with weighing modules only to a fully integrated system incorporating indicators and other enhancements.

From generic to international renowned brands (Rinstrum, Weightron, Compuload etc) and data logging capacity.

For stringent weighing requirement and Trade-Approved versions.

From normal printers to label printers (both at the forklift or remote wireless).

Encompass communications a) between modules and indicator; b) indicator and network computer; c) multiple SEKO systems and network computer with software consolidation.

User friendly Operator Software Interface for data exchange, storage and reporting. Data consolidation of multiple forklifts, generate operation and job reports, receiving or delivery reports.


All in all, discuss your requirements with us and we will propose a solution. A fully integrated SEKO weighing solution reaps benefits such as:-

  • Improve operation work flows and efficiencies.
  • Improved reliability and durability of weighing scale in a harsh industrial environment.
  • Enhance weighing completeness, tracking and visibility.
  • Better optimization of resources.
  • Better accuracy and administrative control and monitoring of valuable stocks in warehouse.
  • Minimize potential human error.
  • Maximize operation streamlining and efficiencies.
  • Improve data accuracy, timeliness, reliability and allow quick consolidation and reporting.
  • Allow one stop administrative and visibility control for Managements.
  • User friendly software integration enables quick operation reporting, e.g. generate weighing ticket and shift reports by job number, forklift ID and product.
  • Better accountability on operators' performances and reduce possible negligence when operating forklifts (hence reduce frequency of forklift maintenance).
  • Shorten travel distance of forklift, fuel savings and reduce maintenance frequencies.



SEKO Forklift Weighing Scale